my husband smokes a pipe… and makes them.

My husband, Walter, is an incredible maker of all things. Some of those things are pipes. He has now made one for each of his brothers (as wedding gifts) and two for himself. The buffalo pipe inlaid with the buffalo nickels is his and the locomotive was given to his brother, Martin. The numbers engraved “12211” is the date Martin married his Elizabeth. On the bottom is a little note to Martin as a new husband. Enjoy!


About maggieandwalter

We are newly weds that have had quite the adventure. In a nutshell we have gotten engaged, married, and had our first baby all within this past year. Other than being a married couple and parents, we are also makers. The point of this blog is to show the world what we've been up to and how we're continuing to grow - as a couple and as artists.
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2 Responses to my husband smokes a pipe… and makes them.

  1. Ashley McEneny says:

    These pipes are ridiculous! They are outstanding Walter! Maggie, show us some of your work!

  2. Kate Singleton says:

    Um, you don’t know me, but I know Elizabeth and Martin. And holy crap – your crib, your pipes, your quilt birds… I love it all! I would love to continue to see your art on here. It makes me happy!!

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