the theme is “birds”

I needed to introduce baby girl (in the prior post), because she is definitely the source of our inspiration for the projects that I will be writing about for a while.

Walter and I decided that we should make a phenomenal nursery for our little one. All of our ideas and creations are revolving around birds. The crib will soon be up on the blog, but for now, these are the wall decorations I have made. They are non-functional quilts in the shape of birds – blue jay, female cardinal, and the great kiskadee. Once the nursery is completely put together, you will see them on the walls. 🙂


About maggieandwalter

We are newly weds that have had quite the adventure. In a nutshell we have gotten engaged, married, and had our first baby all within this past year. Other than being a married couple and parents, we are also makers. The point of this blog is to show the world what we've been up to and how we're continuing to grow - as a couple and as artists.
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2 Responses to the theme is “birds”

  1. OH MY WORD! Maggie those are soooo gorgeous! I love that they are not your run of the mill profile. Wonderful.

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